2012-13 programmes
12-08-11 Cheltenham Town A
12-08-18 Oldham H
12-08-21 Bournemouth A
12-08-25 Swindon Town A
12-08-28 Blackburn H C1C
12-09-01 Carlisle H
12-09-04 Northampton Town A
12-09-08 Walsall A
12-09-15 Yeovil H
12-09-18 Notts C H
12-09-22 Bury A
12-09-25 Sunderland C1C H
12-09-29 Crewe H
12-10-02 Coventry A
12-10-06 Portsmouth H
12-10-14 Preston NE A
12-10-20 Stevenage H
12-10-23 Crawley Town A
12-10-27 Scunthorpe A
12-11-02 Cambridge City A
12-11-07 Orient H
12-11-10 Sheffield U H
12-11-13 Cambridge C FAC H
12-11-20 Shrewsbury A
12-11-24 Colchester H
12-12-02 AFC FAC
12-12-08 Brentford A
12-12-15 Hartlepool H
12-12-26 Walsall H
12-12-29 Coventry H
13-01-01 Notts County A
13-01-05 Sheff W A FAC
13-01-12 Bury H
13-01-15 Sheffield W FAC H
13-01-19 Crewe A
13-01-26 QPR FAC
13-01-29 Yeovil A
13-02-02 Bournemouth H
13-02-09 Oldham Athletic A
13-02-12 Doncaster A
13-02-16 Barnsely FAC H
13-02-23 Carlisle A
13-02-26 Portsmouth A
13-03-02 Preston H
13-03-05 Doncaster H
13-03-09 Sheffield Utd A
13-03-12 Shrewsbury H
13-03-16 Tranmere H
13-03-19 Crewe A
13-03-29 Hartlepool A
13-04-01 Brentford H
13-04-06  Crawley H
13-04-09 Swindon H
13-04-13 Leyton Orient A
13-04-16 Colchester A
13-04-20 Scunthorpe H
13-04-27 Stevenage A
2012 summer big red dot
12-12-25 Xmas Big Red Dot
The MK Dons Supporters Association Archive
For MK Dons fan and keen cyclist Adam Faiers, opening his wallet to support disabled football teams wasn't enough. After making a bet on Twitter, he promised to cycle to every away game of the Dons' 2012/2013 season to raise funds for two local charities.
   Adam's first-person account, put together with the help of fellow Cowshed season ticket holder and professional writer Dan McCalla, details all the ups and downs of his gruelling 3000-mile mission. From the sunshine of the first ride to Cheltenham to the snow-bound hell en route to Carlisle (with a trip Down Under in between!), it's a riveting tale of a very special season through the eyes of one Dons fan.
   Adam raised over £8,000 for charity over the course of the season, with the money being split equally between the MK Dons Sport and Education Trust and the Redway School in Netherfield. To boost that total, all the profits made from sales of the book is also being shared between the two good causes. It’s available to buy from Amazon in paperback (£9.99) and Kindle (£2.39) versions
Simon Crampton, the Dons’ Head of Sports Medicine, writes a column called From The Bootroom in the matchday Red Dot programme and his columns for the 2012-13 season were compiled into a book called – you’ve guessed it – The Bootroom Book. It was so popular with fans that it was a sell-out but you may still be able to find a copy on eBay if you’re lucky.
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