The fans' memories
Edan Thorpe, Jon Samuel and Michael Gurner
recall the days of Stuart Murdoch at the National Hockey Stadium, right through to August 2014 when the Dons smashed Manchester United in front of almost 30,000 people inside Stadium:mk.
Stevenage v MK Dons on March 22, 2014 when we won 3-2 was probably my Most Memorable Game … but for all the wrong reasons!
I was sitting in the away end to the left of the goal busy eating a legendary BoroughBurger as keepers David Martin and Charlie Burns were warming up when thwack! a ball miskicked by Charlie hit me smack on the forehead! It really hurt. But a major tragedy was averted: Pluckily (and luckily) I managed to hold on to my burger!
Russell Forgham – Season ticket, East Stand

Playing silly burgers

What was YOUR most memorable game?
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Promotion day joy

My Most Memorable Game was the final one in the 2014-15 season when we beat Yeovil 5-1 and we had to wait for several nail-biting minutes to hear if Colchester had beaten Preston to give us automatic promotion to the Championship. I'll never forget the sheer joy of that day and the excitement of running onto the pitch for the first time ever in my life to celebrate! It was even better than thrashing Man Utd earlier in the season. Sadly the 2015-16 season was anything but joyful ... but that's football!
Jenny Roberts – Cowshed
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