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Disappointed that we cannot find any mention of accessibility provisions at The Highbury Stadium on Fleetwood Town’s official website.

We have found an unpublished review we wrote of our visit 8 years ago which refers to a “Disabled Fans” page on Fleetwood’s website, it would seem the absence of one now is all the more concerning!

We have found an “Away Fans Guide” on Fleetwood’s website, well hidden on the Club tab, Match Day Experience but when we clicked on it, it was blank, could be our machine, but overall not impressing us!

The details here are therefore based on info from Level Playing Field’s website and what we can remember of our past visits, we have been a few times but not since lockdown.
From memory there is one parking space for away disabled fans on the far left as you enter the stadium. If you need accessible parking, we would suggest you contact Fleetwood’s Disabled Liaison Officer on 01253 775080 asap. Unless this has changed it is WayneBibby,

Parking at the stadium is extremely limited, although we have read that parking is allowed on the adjacent roads. We seem to remember very high kerbs in the location caused problems being dropped off outside the
Seating Area
Pitch level wheelchair spaces with adjacent carers seats and easy access seats on the left as you enter the seating area from the back of the away Parkside stand. We remember the majority of the away fans going to the adjacent standing terraces but it seems these are now no longer an option. This we fear could make the away end very congested, particularly if people surge forward. It is a relatively small stadium.
Accessible Loo
On the right as you enter. The positioning of the door makes it awkward for wheelchair users to use independently.
Headset Commentary
Not Available.
Other Provisions
Jim’s Bar at the Stadium we understand is open to away fans and accessible.
Local trams are wheelchair accessible (but we haven’t had the opportunity to try them!)
Safe travels to everyone heading to Fleetwood, a fixture we are unable to go to. If you have any further queries/questions you think we could help with about this game or any other, please do contact us at
Jo & Jeff Newall, Disability Officers, MKDSA

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