MKDSA’s Disability Officer’s January Update

By Jo and Jeff Newall, MKDSA Disability Officers

Jo & Jeff are starting 2023 by bringing you up to speed with the goings behind the scenes by bringing you a progress report. So here we go, and its not just one piece of good news item but 4!

Cost of a Seasonal Parking Pass for Blue Badge Holders

Following discussions, the Club have agreed to continue the 50% reduction for the 23/24 season and not implement the plan for Blue Badge holders to pay full price.   This decision will be reviewed again by the Club for the 24/25 season.     

Introduction of Colostomy Friendly Toilets at Stadium MK

This arose from a recent presentation by Colostomy UK, organised by Level Playing Field that Jo & Jeff attended.    One in every 350 people require these facilities. The work on this is planned to happen in the next few weeks.   

Removing that Annoying Little Lip at the Stadium Entrances

This was asked for in the responses to the Disabled Fans Survey last season.  Over the years the ground has slightly dipped just enough for there now to be a raised lip at many of the Stadium entrances, not noticed by most but difficult for manual wheelchair users to negotiate.    It has turned out that this is a much bigger job than just “a bit of concreting”.    The work to sort the issue is now set to happen as soon as we get warmer weather as the cold could wreck the work.    

New Headset Commentary Receivers

Over the years the number of headsets for those requiring audio commentaries to follow matches in the stadium have been depleted.    The funding has now been agreed to purchase 10 new headsets so that this much valued provision will be available for all that need it.       

As always, the MKDSA remain grateful to the Club staff for their commitment to continually make accessibility improvements at the Stadium. 

Jo & Jeff have promised us more updates on these exciting developments as things happen. If you know of any disability related issues you would like to make Jo & Jeff aware of, connected with home or away games, please do contact them on

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