MKDSA EDI Officer’s January Update

By Amanda Lansbury, Vice Chair and EDI Officer.

On the 13th January the first all female interview of an opposition supporter was published. A rebrand of the previously named ‘Trash Talk’ became ‘On the Flip Side’. We are now more inclusive on a weekly basis and have drawn in more support for covering views of both male and female supporters, which covers our constitutional requirements.

Preparation of co-oping Kieran (in February) who has autism and extreme anxiety to join the committee. He is being supported in learning how to talk in a front facing fashion with supporters. He is our match day programme seller in the MKDSA Shop in Lewington’s Bar. Kieran is also shadowing MKDSA committee members at meetings at the stadium with the club to boost his low self-esteem, Kieran also helps with questions for the On the Flip Side articles as he has extensive football knowledge.

An informal chat with Kelly Day, MK Dons SET Head of Disability and Inclusion, and also Mental Health First Aider to welcome her and discuss inclusion ideas and to gain knowledge in a vital area. Following this meeting I have completed The FA Safeguarding for Committees specifically aimed at those involved in the football arena. This helps me continue my EDI work improves my ablility to know how to safeguard myself and others at the same time. The Executive Committee are all going through the same FA course.

Further to the Safeguarding development the entire committee was requested by the 31st of January deadline to have read and be aware of the MKDSA constitution, complied with article 6.9 and also read the MK Dons FC’s Club Policies contained in the Club tab on and signed to that effect. All but one committee member had complied at the time of writing.

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