Manning’s Position In The Balance?

By The MKDSA Media Team

The defeat this afternoon has really piled the pressure on both Liam Manning and Dons Chairman Pete Winkelman.

Despite going ahead this afternoon the Dons could not hold onto the lead and sadly the hope gained they couldn’t even end by taking a point. The poor home form continued.

This individual result obviously wouldn’t cause a manager to lose a job but the overall picture of the season to date does not inspire. Fans have become restless and vocal in their frustration as well as less numerous as the performances and results haven’t changed for the positive.

We certainly aren’t calling for him to go but ultimately the man in charge carries the can. The players haven’t helped Manning’s cause with some stinking performances, poor work rate and effort of many players.

This club is at its lowest point in the opinion of a growing number of supporters, not just league position, but its relationship the with the fans. It has never felt so bad. The club have seen it deteriorate during the season and yet seem unable to reverse the current position.

The problem feels like it goes to the core of the club, not just the football side, its about changing a whole lot more too.

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