Paynes Player Ratings

Payne’s Player Ratings

By Steve Manning

Steve is taking his turn in guesting for todays PPR which MK Dons Worldwide on Facebook kindly allow us to reproduce.

Payne’s Player Ratings – Fleetwood Town

Before I begin these ratings I must send my best wishes to Luke, who I am standing in for for this edition, I speak for most when I say we look forward to seeing you back soon my friend.

Onto the matter of Fleetwood at home, and in a high stakes relegation battle, Dons did not live up to their billing as favourites for the win. And the major talking point coming out of today’s 2-1 defeat is how much longer will Liam Manning have left in his job as head coach?

There are a few players who need to look themselves in the mirror and question whether they are letting Manning down here. Let’s get to it – PPR for the loss to Fleetwood is here.

Warning Long Post Incoming!!!!!!!!!

  1. Jamie Cumming: 4.5 – for the most part the consistent Cumming had little to do in the Dons goalmouth. The only action he really saw was to pick out the ball from his net twice. Mopped up everything the Fleetwood attack had to offer until his goal was breached on 72 mins.
  2. Tennai Watson: 5.5 – the right-back had a brilliant first half, chasing every pass, making effective challenges and ran his line to good effect. Faded as the game went on but that can be put down to his ongoing fitness issues.
  3. Jack Tucker: 5 – not a bad performance, not a bad one either has to take some of the blame for the Dons defensive frailties.
  4. Warren O’Hora: (⚽️ 52’) 6 – scored Dons goal and was relatively calm at the back, late Fleetwood rallies undid all of his hard work – led the team with purpose but was let down by his team mates against the Trawlermen.
  5. Josh McEachran: 4 – huffed and puffed, passed the ball around, with the best of intentions, but never really threatened anything of note. Subbed
  6. Mo Eisa: (Assist 52’) 6.5 – Eisa went about his business as usual, should have had one, or two more goals to his name. Provided the assist for O’Hora as Dons broke the deadlock but the prowess that earned him his club player of the month award for November was absent today. Subbed
  7. Nathan Holland: 4.5 – the winger tried to impose himself on the game, crosses didn’t have much effect though. On another day could’ve had an assist to his name.
  8. Conor Grant: 5.5 – playing in the number 10 role he was nullified by Fleetwood’s rigid 4-3-3 set up. Subbed
  9. Louie Barry: 6 – had some great forays into Fleetwood’s half, couldn’t put away his only meaningful chance when in on goal. Subbed
  10. Daniel Harvie: 5.5 – left back was his usual slide tackling best, his runs into Fleetwood territory didn’t carry much threat. But you can’t doubt his commitment to the team.
  11. Dawson Devoy: 6.5 – went into the game full of energy, going into every challenge fully committed, chased and harried his marker at every opportunity and imo was by far the best man in a Dons shirt out there today. Subbed / TOP DON

Subs Used:

  1. Bradley Johnson (for Grant – 61’): 4 – came on to shore up the result for Manning, but mission was failed miserably.
  2. Matt Dennis (for Eisa – 77): 4 – put himself about the pitch like Matt Dennis does naturally, couldn’t get his name on the scoresheet
  3. Ethan Robson (for McEachran 86): 4 – not on long enough to give the team that extra edge it needed.

  4. Will Grigg (for Devoy 86): 4 on for Devoy but never given enough time to effect the game.
  5. Henry Lawrence (for Barry 77’): 4 – uneffective substitution amongst other substitutions.

Team Performance: 4 – The lack of confidence that’s emanating in this club and its playing staff is now noticeable. There is a nervousness about them that is affecting them and it is not boring well for the survival chances of this group. It almost seems as a supporter that the white flag is being waved and they’ve accepted their fate of fourth tier football next season. Something inevitably needs to give here, something needs to change and quickly.

If you have read to this point in the post, then thank you! Next week’s Portsmouth ratings are being covered by the media team again, hopefully Luke will be back soon though 😍

Until Next Time, SM.

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