Our intrepid reporters are working hard to bring you the views of the opposition fans and I’m pleased to say we are still 100% for the season, but there is a question mark hanging over next weekend when we play that team from Tooting. We at the MKDSA have been accused of being antagonistic with our TRASH TALK offering from the last AFCW game by some well-known social media trolls, We considered it to be banter, well it was banter compared to some of the mail we receive from them, but we will spare you from any of the details, just suffice to say it is very unpleasant and far from adult behaviour or banter. We remain hopeful though, so fingers crossed we get something from them, but until then we will press on with today’s article from 24-year-old Charlton fan Freddie, or “Valley Floyd Fred” as he likes to call himself. Many thanks to him and of course once again in the spirit of the game we wish him, all Charlton fans, and their team all the best, stay safe, and good luck with that promotion push.

Can you tell us a little-known fact about your club?

Charlton Athletic only had a chance to establish itself as football club in Southeast London because Arsenal moved to North London. Arsenal was founded about 20-30 minutes away from where Charlton Athletic are now.

We have spoken to fans from many clubs this season regarding how clubs have compensated those that have purchased season tickets this year and last, how has your club compensated fans?

Season ticket fans have been able to access our online digital service Valley Pass, which allows them to view all of our games online. Club recently did a giveaway for a Range Rover (long story) for fans that purchased Valley Pass games. Valley Pass is presented by former player and former Sky present Scott Minto.

Slowly but surely fans returned to grounds in December with reduced attendances, how did your club go about allocating tickets?

A lottery for the season ticket holders.

How has the season gone for you so far, as expected, better, or a bit underwhelming?

Between expected and underwhelming. Before our two first choice CBs got injured, we went 8 to 9 hours without conceding a goal, but as of the last 10 or so games, we have been leaking goals due to individual mistakes at the back.

What has been the best result and the worst so far this season?

12th December 2020 – Charlton Athletic 5 – 2 Wimbledon (was losing 2-1 but had an incredible second half performance).

8th January 2021 – Charlton Athletic 0 – 2 Accrington Stanley (got shown up by a less expensive squad who were up for a fight).

Who has been your best player so far this season, and perhaps another player we should keep an eye on?

You know him well, Chuks Aneke, his physicality and pace troubles centre backs in any side.

Jake Forster-Caskey is one to keep an eye on, been unlucky with injuries in the last couple of seasons, but this season has had a solid run of games and is running the midfield for us at the moment.

Where do you see your club in the league table at the end of the season?

5th or 6th.

Have you ever been to Stadium MK, if so, what was your impression of it?

Impressive modern stadium, it would not look out of place with some of the modern Championship and Premier League stadiums.

What player do you fear the most in the MK Dons team?

Scott Fraser – especially with us not having access to our first choice CB’s.

Who is your tip for promotion and relegation?

Promotion: Lincoln City, Hull City, Portsmouth.

Relegation: AFC Wimbledon, Burton Albion – too tight to pick another two.

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