Dons Swiftly Appoint Williamson

For once the Dons haven’t dithered in replacing a departed head coach.

The situation the Dons find themselves in dictates a quick turnaround was essential, and it’s actually happened.

Mike Williamson, who has guided Gateshead into 6th place in the National League has been installed as MK Dons’ fourth head coach in the last two seasons.

Williamson will be joined at Stadium MK by Assistant Head Coach Ian Watson and First-Team Coach Chris Bell, whom he worked with throughout his four-year reign at Gateshead. 

He’s known for playing in a style we favour, so, immediately fans should be onside with him, perhaps more than they have been in a while.

He goes straight into his role away at Accrington, and fortunately will have a bit of time with the squad, he’ll also get a helping hand from Dean Lewington.

This appointment should set the slate clean for players currently out of favour as Mike looks to get us moving up the table.

Welcome to MK Mike. Good luck. We follow.

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