Book Travel to Crawley Colchester and Crewe

You can now book to travel as far ahead as Crewe with the online travel service through the QR code below. This can also be scanned in the Box Office, and the staff there can help you do it.

You can even buy your travel in Lewington’s Bar on any home match day at the MKDSA shop.

Tickets to travel are set as low as possible, attempting to make travel as affordable as possible for supporters.

For games with no priority sale order, you can book and pay for your travel before you purchase your match ticket.

Crawley £23 dep 1600

Colchester £23 dep 1030

Crewe £23 dep 1015

There will be stops en route, toilets on board, and your usual coach marshalls will be there too. Nothing has changed except the prices. Terms and Conditions of travel are the same as when the club operated the travel.

Travel Club Membership

You do need to purchase away travel club membership to travel for you and anyone else you purchase a ticket for in your order. This is a once only purchase, and you are not committing to any other journey with us.

If you have any questions about travel the best way to get an answer is to please contact us on 07414 098124 or via We are all volunteers, and therefore, it can take a while to get a response We work and we have families, so please be patient.

We can not discuss any booking or refund with anyone other than the person who made the booking and messages on social media won’t always been seen or responded too.

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