Payne’s Player Ratings Wycombe

Reproduced by kind permission of MK Dons Worldwide on Facebook.

3 unbeaten and 3 clean sheets going into the Bucks Derby was certainly the confidence boost that was needed heading into this game and on another day it could have been another W. A point is not a bad thing and extends our gap to those below us to 5 points. Not Don Yet but another step in the right direction . In Luke Payne’s absence he asked me to step and I of course said yes. Here are the ratings.

Jamie Cumming. 6.
Helpless for both goals but solid. Much better distribution more varied. Did flap at one ball in the first half that last month might have dropped in last month.

Tennai Watson. 6. Again solid and played a part in the opener. Felt he got beaten easily a few times but Stewart was there to help him. Improvement game on game.

Anthony Stewart. 6. Shaky in parts understandable when first football for 3 months. Lost Wheeler for the equaliser but stood strong towards the end of the game being in the right place defensively at the right time.

Jack Tucker. 7. Another big performance. Can see the confidence that Lewington has given him. Handled Hanlon brilliantly. More to come.

Dean Lewington 7. Solid. Organiser. Just simply Dean Lewington. 900 career starts and probably a few hundred more.

Daniel Harvie TOP DON 8. Wherever Luke Payne was today I’m sure when he saw our first goalscorer the words MY WINGBACK were not far from his lips. Took his goal well and his battle with Grimmer was full of heart passion and desire. He was enjoying it smiling with his fellow Scot on several occasions. Should have had a second deciding to shoot with his right foot when he had more time than he thought at the back post. Again improvement game on game.

Josh Maceachran. 6. Just keeps us ticking quietly and effectively. Covered defensively when Harvie attacked whilst also being the creative spark. He got a bit wasteful when Wycombe got on top in the first half but the intention for a forward pass was always there.

Paris Maghoma. 7. Majestic. Magnificent. Maghoma. He reminds me so much of Kasumu. His ability to turn out of tight situations, his tenacity. If he can work on his decision making in the attacking sense then wow. What a potential midfielder that could be unleashed.

Connor Grant. 7. Had a hand in both goals, assisting Harvie and being part of the build up for the Leko goal. His strength is keeping it simple and maybe with more games his confidence will build.

Mo Eisa. 5. Offered little, petulance cost him a booking and the chance he got was saved. Think he needs a goal or something as he’s lacking in self belief.

Jonathan Leko. 7. Has the capabilities of beating his man then tripping over the ball. Magical when it’s done well with great work for the opening goal then the individual quality for the second. Yet the similarities with Daniel Powell are there for all to see at times. Mercurial.

Will Grigg. 6. Worked hard, pressed hard. Played with a freedom Mo needs to find IMHO.
Nathan Holland. 5. Nothing special nothing bad. Simple
Dawson Devoy. 5. As above. One great ball across the box late on that nobody gambled on
Bradley Johnson. 5. Meh

Team performance 6. On another day this is a 7 or 8 with how well we played, particularly first 25 minutes. We play Wycombe a month ago we get battered. Simple. There now is a fight, desire, belief that on our day we can match anyone. It’s not perfect but 10 points in 4 games is a marked improvement. The fitness is also noticeable with Jackson and his high tempo starting to show. We welcome Portsmouth to Stadium MK on Good Friday in the affectionately known Aiden Gray Derby 😉.

If you’ve read this far thanks again and I hand the reigns back over to Luke for the home stretch. Go well


Edited from the original MK Dons Worldwide on Facebook version.

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