Palm Sunday and Lent

By Gordon Wylie, Community and EDI Officer MKDSA

Palm Sunday is a special day for Christians. It marks the start of Holy Week, and it always falls on the Sunday before Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

It also marks the last week of Lent which is a time when lots of people give up something they love for 40 days.

Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem just days before his death. The Bible says that Jesus rode into the city on a donkey. People waved palm leaves and cheered him.

There are lots of different things Christians do on Palm Sunday to celebrate. One of the most common traditions is for worshippers to be given small crosses made out of palm leaves. This serves as an important reminder of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem and his death soon after.

Some Christians keep the crosses in their homes, but others burn them and save the ashes to use on Ash Wednesday the following year.

Palm Sunday gives Christians the chance to reflect on the final week of Jesus’ life before they celebrate Easter.

We hope that if you are celebrating Palm Sunday you have a wonderful day.

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