Accessibility Guide To Port Vale

By Jo and Jeff Newall, Disability Officers MKDSA

With tickets now on sale for this game here is our guide to Port Vale.

Accessibility Provisions at Port Vale

The MK Dons website at the time we are writing this, says that Disabled Supporters “may sit  in the Signal One Stand with fellow MK Dons supporters but please be aware there are no facilities for supporters with disability.”   

We read this as “there is now wheelchair access to the away end but you have to piddle on the floor.”    

Sadly not even that good, there remains no flat access to the away end and no accessible toilets at the away end for anyone.   

You might guess from this, our view is that Port Vale is not good for away disabled fans and we speak from experience.   


There is a car park at the away end (The Signal One Stand).  As we are struggling to find any helpful information online, if you need accessible parking, we would contact Port Vale for advice.(Contact details below)   

As the parking for the (home) stand where those away fans requiring accessible provisions are accommodated, is in a completely different location to the away end, it is important that you get your parking space in the correct location.    

The Accessible Stand

Port Vale has an elevated self-contained stand in the corner furthest away from the away end for those requiring accessible seating and wheelchair spaces. It is fine in itself with a refreshment counter with a indoor picnic area and TV screens, 3 accessible toilets, headset commentaries, unobstructed views and wide parking bays right outside but if you are there as an away fan you essentially become a home fan as you are isolated from all the other away fans.  

Tickets for this area cannot be bought at the Dons, you  have to phone Port Vale for them.  

Contact Details for Port Vale

As we cannot find any details on Port Vale’s website specific to disability, we hope what we have found is still up to date.

Main number 01782 655800

Ticket office 01782 655821

Disability Liaison Officer, Luke Cassidy, 01782 655830, 07722 925759


Remember, Port Vale as a place does not exist, the stadium is at Burslem!

For the first time ever, we are not going as a protest at the segregation.  So, we won’t see you there!  

If we can help further with Port Vale or any other access matter please email us at

Jo & Jeff Newall, MKDSA Disability Officers

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