The Game in Numbers Lincoln City

By The MKDSA Media Team

The first home game of 2023 and after nearly two weeks on the training ground there were certain expectations ….

1 point better than nothing when three were begging to be taken

2 Changes from Plymouth Watson > Lawrence McEachran > Johnson

4 Still in the bottom 4 but now 22nd not 23rd 2 points from safety

13 Days on the training ground

20 shots on target (percent of them that is …there were 5)

21 games to go to save ourselves

68 minutes for our first corner (4 more followed)

71 Dons possession %age

82 minutes before our shot on target .. many had already left by then

634 Passes mostly errr non attacking, not threatening, not goal bound

885 Lincoln Imps made the journey

8317 Total Attendance

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