MKDSA World Cup Sweepstake Update

By Amanda Lansbury

Ok so now we know its NOT coming home and as the England are back in the cold UK just remember its not all doom and gloom, there are still reasons to be excited….for some of us!!!

YES …you guessed correct the Movember campaign World Cup Sweepstakes is coming to a close.

Which means out of the two sweepstakes that we played we have four contenders gearing up to be the lucky winners of the £40 sweepstake, however only two can be named the real winners.

So this Sunday its France v Argentina

Lets take a look at who is still in…

Sweepstake 1

France – Bob Whitfield

Argentina – Charlie Hewitt

Sweepstake 2

France – Amanda Lansbury

Argentina – Harrison Smith

Good luck to each and everyone of you!!!

Winners can collect their winnings from Boxing Day if they attend the game.



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