Aiden Gray Steps Down

By The MKDSA Media Team

Tonight at 730pm MKDSA Chair Aiden Gray announced he is stepping down from his role with immediate effect.

Aiden has had vastly increased work commitments imposed on him since a recent major restructure seeing his growing role and responsibilities demanding more of his time. He has had to make a decision with his remaining time, and rightly, his family came first.

Aiden took over the role at the AGM and in the months since he has led the committee to develop new and stronger links with the club and has personally overseen the reincarnation of Lewington’s Bar working with the club to make a base for the MKDSA and a venue the supporters would feel at home in, the final piece, the heating is being installed as he departs his role.

During the transition period Vice Chair Franco Volpe will assume the role of Acting Chair until such time a new Chair is elected. This will be discussed at the scheduled January committe meeting.

John Samuel has agreed to step up temporarily to Acting Vice Chair to support Franco.

The Executive Committee would like to express their appreciation to Aiden for his leadership and commitment to rebuilding the SA and are sadden events have prevented him from taking the growing relationship with the club he forged even further forward.

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