MKDSA World Cup Sweep Raising Movember Cash

By Amanda Lansbury

Ok. So, the wait is finally over and we can now reveal that up in Lewington’s Bar at the MKDSA Information Point, which is also home to the MKDSA Programme and Shirts Emporium.

Lewingtons is open from 5pm tonight and you can now be apart of the Movember campaigns World Cup sweepstakes.

Bring your pennies and pounds and purchase a lucky dip of a country playing in the world cup, and, if you hold the winning team then you will win £40.

The balance will be going to the Movember campaign.

Its only £3 to play so join us and be apart of something special I look forward to seeing you and lets make this Movember one we wont forget.

Please also be aware that tomorrow will be cash only at the Programme and Shirts Shop.

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