Trash Talk Morecambe

By Ty Jenner

The fixtures continue to come thick and fast as our immediate attention turns to the Carabao cup. MK Dons welcome Morecambe to Stadium MK with a big opportunity to progress into the 4th round. In preparation for the match, I spoke to fellow England away and Morecambe fan @mickeymfc on Twitter to ask some questions regarding the game. Many thanks for taking part!

  • How’s life been for Morecambe so far this season in League One? Are you concerned with the possibility of relegation?

So far, not so good. We’ve ended up with two league wins in the 22/23 campaign. I’m very concerned. Because if we don’t start picking up vital points Soon then it isn’t going to end well

  • Where do you think Morecambe will be looking to finish in the league this season?

Hopefully somewhere above the relegation zone 

  • Were you happy with the clubs’ activity and business in the transfer market during the summer?

In all honesty, I can’t complain with the transfer window. However I must say, we’ve been looking to target some of the ‘bigger boys’ e.g Donald love and Ashley Hunter, but I feel as these have backfired massively. 

  • Who or what made you support Morecambe?

Ever since I was a little lad i was going to Christie Park (our former home) then when I was 13/14 I got my first season ticket at our new home (Mazuma Stadium). Ever since then I’ve been going home and away. 

  • Our two sides played each other already in League One back in August with the Dons 4-0 victors, do you expect the cup tie to be a lot closer, or do you think the club’s priorities lie elsewhere?

In all honesty. I expect to to be a close tie. We’ve been doing okay in the league recently. Picking up points against the likes of Wycombe, Derby and Barnsley. So I’m expecting a close tie. 

  • Were you pleased with being drawn away at MK Dons?

Not really, I think all us (Morecambe Fans) wanted a ‘big glamorous tie’ 

  • What is your opinion of Stadium MK?

Not really a fan of it in all honesty. I feel as it is in the middle of nowhere. 

  • How do you think your team will approach the game?

Hopefully in the same way as we’ve approached our previous league games. With a positive attitude

  • What players do you think the Dons should look out for/who will cause the Dons problems? 

At the minute. I’d say Adam Mayor. The lads been class for us the past couple of games. Creating lots of chances for us (Morecambe) 

  • How surprised have you been by MK Dons’ start to the League One season baring in mind they were a point away from the Championship last season?

Shocked in all fairness. As I feel as you should be a lot higher in the tables especially after last season. 

  • Thank you for participating, it really helps us understand our opponents and what to expect from them. Finally, what do you think the score will be?

0-0 (Morecambe win on pens)

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