By Alfie Marlborough

It’s time to turn our attentions to the Carabao Cup for our Round 2 clash away at Vicarage Road on Tuesday night to book ourselves a spot in Round 3 of the competition for the first time since the 2019/20 season where the Dons eventually bowed out to European giants, Liverpool. We asked the guys over at WatfordStatus on Twitter some questions to get to know them better! Many Thanks guys!

1. Are you happy with the way Watford have started this season? 

Relatively happy. We haven’t seemed to have left 2nd gear yet. I mean, 3rd in the League is something you’d take already. Long way to go. 

2. Do you expect Watford to go on a cup run or do you think the Hornets may play a weakened side to focus on the league?

Well last year was the first time we fielded stronger sides in the League Cup but anticipated a weakened side in the early stages of cup games. To be honest, we’ve hardly gone past 2/3rd round in the last 10 years or so. Think the league is the focus.

3. Are you happy with Watford’s transfer business this summer despite losing key players like Emmanuel Dennis and possibly Joao Pedro?  

Honestly not too impressed with the transfer window here at Watford. Any money we’ve spent so far has hardly featured & when they have, not too impressed. We always seem to scrape bargain bucket; most are underwhelming. Dennis, we knew would go, losing Pedro is going to be hard to take. The lad is special, won’t go cheap at all. 

4. Where do you think Watford will finish based on the start of the season?

It all depends on if we keep Sarr (unlikely) & Pedro (in the balance). Some of the additions made by higher ups have hardly made fans feel like replacements will be adequate. Many have felt underwhelmed as they’ve ignored problem areas for years. Thus relegated. If we lose them, playoffs at best. Top 10 likely minimum. 

5. Which players have impressed you this season for Watford and who should Dons watch out for on Tuesday?

It does depend on who plays in the cup. It could be an entirely new team. One player likely to get run out is Yáser Asprilla, who has already made his full international debut for Colombia at 18. Another to get run out is likely Manaj who was released by Barcelona this summer, likely wanting to prove he’s capable of playing at a higher level. 

6. What style of play can we expect from Watford?

Expect to face a team who focuses on high passing possession. Manager seems to want to dictate games, controlling most of the possession. 3-4-3 looks the likelier formation. 

7. What made you support Watford?

Ah, family on mothers side originally came from Watford. When I was younger, I wanted to chase whoever was winning trophies, ironically when Man Utd was at the top of football, how the mighty have fallen. So, I was a red when smaller, but thankfully saw sense and started to support where my family had ties too. Been through ups & downs. But wouldn’t have it any different.

8. What is your favourite Watford game ever?

I know it’s been worn into the ground, but I just don’t believe you can skip mentioning that playoff game vs Leicester City. It was a proper back and forth game, and famous for that dramatic ending. Even more delightful after a joke of a referee decision, to justify a diving cheat, to knock them out. 

9. Which Watford games are you looking forward to this season?  

Well, a couple games. One our local rivals L*t*n, most don’t even want to mention that name in full, always a spicy encounter. QPR is another which can be another enjoyable day out. 

10. The Dons are expected to be backed by over 1400 Dons fans on Tuesday night, do you expect this to play a role in the game?

That’s a terrific following for a night match if you’re loud, it’ll give your guys the 12th man vibe. League Cup games on our side still have that pre-season vibe, who is fielded who knows. Think it’s treated as a run out for us, which if so, makes it likely we could be a scalp for the Dons. Hopefully you can show what happens if we don’t take it seriously and provide a good battle. 

11. Thank you for participating in Trash Talk. It helps us understand and learn about the opposition! What do you think the score will be under the lights at Vicarage Road next Tuesday?

Honestly, it all depends on who plays. We are poor in the early stages of the League Cup; believe it’ll be a 1-1, then pens. You’ll be up for it, and ours will still be finding our way. Hope you all enjoy the trip!

Once again, thank you to the guys at WatfordStatus for taking part and helping us out!

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