Many thanks to Toronto, Canada based Accrington Stanley fan Tony Robinson who joins us once again to give us an update on his team in this week’s edition of Trash Talk – Happy New Year Tony.

1 – We are at the halfway stage of the season, has it gone about how you expected for your team so far, has it been better, or turned out to be a bit of a car crash season? 

To be honest we are 10th and slightly less than I expected, we did go through a spell where we were being punished defensively for our mistakes, but we seem to have turned that corner now with clean sheets against Bolton and Rotherham.

2 – As fans we are never 100% happy about our club, is there something about your club that really annoys you? 

Nothing major really, with Andy Holt we don’t have a debt, our squad has quality, and the infrastructure is being improved with new hospitality lounge/bar and changing rooms etc. being built. The one thing you could say is we have the smallest budget in the League, but I’d rather have that than be in debt.

3 – All fans love an away day; can you tell us which ground you have enjoyed visiting the most and why, on the flip side which ground turned out to be a real disappointment?

As a supporter living in Toronto and with Covid I’ve been restricted to watching on iFollow, but I have to say I wasn’t impressed with Fleetwood’s ground.

4 – Most fans have a special piece of memorabilia in their collection, a unique item that means something special to you, do you have such an item?

Yes, I do. As a child living in Accrington in the 60’s I followed Burnley and when they played Stanley in the League Cup in Aug 2016, I was able to watch it on the telly in Canada. The following year I was able to buy a one-of-a-kind print celebrating Stanley’s 1-0 win and it’s signed by Sean Dyche, John Coleman, and the goal scorer Matty Pearson, and it now hangs proudly in my living room.

5 – Every team has their own bogey club they just cannot seem to beat, who do you think yours is?

In League 1 I’d have to say Sunderland, we seem to play the “big” clubs well, but Sunderland always seems to have our number except for a 2-2 draw at the Stadium of Light. For a club like Accrington having Sunderland as a bogey team is something I never thought I’d say.

6 – Throughout the course of the season, victory over which club gives you the biggest buzz? 

I would have to go with our 1-0 win over Rotherham. The Millers were undefeated for 21 or 22 matches and Stanley put together their best performance of the season.

7 – Which player for your club is likely to be the biggest factor in success or failure of the result after 90 minutes? 

I would like to say Joe Pritchard, but he’s been out most of the season so I’m going with GK Toby Savin. He’s really matured this season and is keeping young Man City loanee James Trafford on the bench.

8 – Is there any MK Dons player you feel could spoil your day?

Probably Scott Twine, he’s having a good season and hopefully Ross Sykes and Michael Nottingham can shut him down.

9 – We know its early still, but do you have any nailed-on selections for promotion and relegation? 

For promotion and playoffs in no order Wigan, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Rotherham, Wycombe, and Sheffield Wed and for relegation Crewe Alex, Doncaster, Morecambe, and Gillingham.     

10 – Many thanks for taking part, all we need now is a prediction for the game?

Jimmy Bell Assistant Manager feels that your team is one of the best in the division and loves the way you play. It’s a home match for us and we get up for the big teams, so I must go with a 2-1 Stanley win. However, if Colby Bishop is sold in the Jan window before this match all bets are off, and I’d take a 1-1 draw.

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