With the Pizza Cup low on the agenda for most fans, this game unless you are based in London is going to be difficult to get to as the club have decided not to run official travel, so its going to be a case of get there if you can.

Driving to London won’t appeal to many, especially with ULEZ fees now applying to this area, meaning you will have to pay an additional £12-50 if your car does not match up to the emissions regulations. Add on top of that trying to get there during the rush hour, and the ground being surrounded by Resident Only Parking Schemes its going to be almost “Mission Impossible”.

The only alternatives seem to be a train into Euston, then hop on the Underground taking the Northern Line to either Tottenham Court Road or Monument/Bank and then changing for an eastbound train to Leyton. The other alternative is drive to Epping which is the end of the Central Line and head to Leyton that way. You will be pleased to know currently Epping is outside the ULEZ restrictions and the parking should be a bit easier.

Once at Leyton your troubles aren’t over as it’s a ¼ of a mile walk to the Breyer Group Stadium (E10 5NF) or Brisbane Road if you are old school like me, so a black cab might be in order.

Currently we have no idea where anyone will be seated, my guess would probably be all in the same stand.

After all that you might fancy some liquid refreshment so hopefully the Supporters Bar will be open, but you will have to pay an admission charge of £1 to gain entry.

There are plenty of pubs on the walk from the station (Turn Right on exit), some are away friendly, and I am told they are clearly marked.  

If you make it well done, hope to see you there.

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