The MKDSA Committee are bitterly disappointed to have to report that today we were officially told by the club to remove the shirts and scarves from Lewington’s bar as they were deemed to be a fire risk.

We immediately complied with this request and this afternoon 6 committee members attended the bar and removed them. We cannot tell you how frustrated we all felt after the countless hours we have spent making it feel like home for the fans in the first time since the move to Stadium MK, it has in our opinion ripped the heart and soul out of the bar.

We thank everyone of you that donated shirts and scarves to make it feel like our home, but you will be pleased to know they are all safely locked away and we are hopeful that somehow, we may be able to display them again.

We are further saddened to report that the craft ale bar that was to be going into Lewington’s on Saturday appears not to be going ahead, again this was out of our control.

We also feel we should inform fans that we have no good news on the partitioning wall in the bar. We are as concerned as you are how cold it was last weekend in the bar, and many of you pointed out that it is only going to get worse as winter takes its grip. We have lobbied the club on numerous occasions regarding this and it appears there is no time scale on this project.

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