The first of two helpings of Trash Talk this week ahead of our FA Cup clash with Stevenage Borough on Saturday. We will be serving up a second helping tomorrow but in the meantime its 20 year old Reece Donnelly giving us the lowdown on the Boro.

1 – How long have you supported your club?

I’m a Stevenage boy through and through so they have always been my team. I was a bit on and off growing up but I just got more and more into it. First game was when I was 7.

2 – What was your reaction when you heard the draw for the FA Cup?

I think Accrington and Plymouth were still in the draw so I think relief was the first feeling there, but have to say playing MK away isn’t the most attractive for a struggling league two side. But its nearby and a big stadium which is nice but if you found any Stevenage fans looking forward to the match, they’d be liars.

3 – Do you have any good memories from the FA Cup involving your club you can share with us? We have a feeling you might mention the FA Cup penalty shootout in 2010.

That shootout is obviously a big one for Boro fans. Huge one is our games against Newcastle, beating them 3-1 in 2011 and taking them to a replay in 1996. Last season beating Hull was an emotional moment after 18 months of struggling. The FA cup has provided some excellent moments for Boro fans in the past.

4 – We notice you have had an uncertain start to the season in League 2. Do you consider the FA Cup to be a welcome distraction where you can try and get your season back on track?

I think if you had asked me this question two weeks ago it would been a different answer, but after a 3-0 loss, 0-0 draw and a 5-0 loss it’s a different story. We go into this match with incredible pressure.

5 – Still early days, but what do you feel the 2021/22 season holds in store for Stevenage?

Hopes were high with a very decent squad but its increasingly fading, but the ability to have a good team this year is there after a strong building season last year. A good mix of youth, experience, flair and discipline. A lot to like about our team but obviously not showing it at the minute.

5 – We have fond memories of your gaffer Alex Revell when he saved a penalty against Preston North End. How has he taken to the job of team manager?

There are bits to like about Revell as manager, last year especially we saw some strong coaching within a specific system. He is clearly well liked and he works so hard, but this season gaps in his game management have shown up at a cost of so many games this year, and I think he’s struggling with how to cope with it

6 – What sort of style and formation can we expect to see from Stevenage in our FA Cup clash?

I imagine it’ll be a flat 4-4-2 with the wide players fairly narrow. We tend to like to keep the ball entice the opposition in, go long into the channel and then move from there. It’ll be interesting though as Revell has changed formation against 3 at the back opposition to a 3 at the back of our own although this has led to 4-0 and 5-0 defeats!

7 – Can you identify any players in your ranks that could be a game changer or someone we should look out for?

Elliot List is always a threat in behind a high line and already scored a fair few this season. Jake Reeves has been excellent in terms of his passing and space creation. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a fair bit of our defence and therefore Terence Vancooten will stand out, and I can draw a fair number of comparisons between him and Warren O’Hora.

8 – Have you ever visited Stadium MK before, if so, what’s your opinion of it?

Love visiting MK. Obviously sometimes it can feel a little lacking soul due to the gaps between attendances and the capacity but it’s a great place to go as an away fan and to go and play football.

9 – Are there any MK Dons players you are aware of and could potentially spoil your day out?

All of them have the capability to ruin our day. I’m a big fan of the striker options at MK this year. Watters, Eisa and Parrott only need half a yard of space to be able to score. Extremely intelligent footballers. Also been a big fan of Charlie Brown since his Chelsea days. Also think my twitter is the home of Warren O’ Hara, Matt O’Reilly and Peter Kioso propaganda. Just everywhere you look there is an outstanding player. Big fan of this MK side.

10 – That’s it then, all we need now is your prediction for the game?

To say I’m not confident is an understatement. If we score it’ll be a job well done at the minute, keeping it under 3 would be surprising.

3-1 MK

Many thanks and good luck for the season.

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