Many thanks to 24 year old Fleetwood fan Tom Sandells who is a Digital Sports Journalist for answering the questions this week. As always we wish our oppostiition all the best for the season, just not on Tuesday evening.

1. Are you happy with your transfer business and is there anything you would change? 

The business at Fleetwood has been what Simon Grayson wanted, so that’s got to be a good thing. There hasn’t been the usual influx of big-name players as has become customary at Fleetwood but there is a change of tack this season and more focus on the youth system, which is exciting.

2. What’s your thoughts on your start to the season so far? 

It’s been average, really. Fleetwood aren’t flying high at the top of the division but they’re not adrift at the bottom. They have had a couple of good wins, some good draws but also lost their opening four games of the season which still hinders them a little. 

3. It’s still very early in the season but which opposition team/player has impressed you the most so far? 

Wigan Athletic have done well, they’re top of the league, have had some terrible times lately and have had a huge turnover in players. There will always be comments on their spending but no matter what, in this league, it’s tough to be at the top. It’s still early days though and all can change.

5. Do you have trust in your current manager?

Given the calming influence of Simon Grayson, and the mood around the club from top to bottom, he is a man you can trust. You can believe he’s doing the right things for the club and setting down some foundations. There have been some frustrations from fans, but nobody is perfect. 

6.  Who do you think we should be looking out for as a major influence on the game?

Ged Garner can be a real classy forward on his day, he recently scored a last-minute equaliser against Sunderland, so he’ll be looking forward to the game. He is still young and still raw but he’s embracing the challenge of being a starter for Fleetwood and can still improve a lot. 

7. Which MK Dons player do you fear the most or see as a game changer?

Scott Twine looks lively, with numbers to back it up too early on. Three goals and two assists in just eight games is not a bad way to start the season. It will be interesting to see how he fits in compared to Fleetwood’s system and who will mark him.

9. What style of football can we expect to see from your team?

Fleetwood play a mixed style. They’re willing to play it out from the back if it benefits them but they’re also willing to get the ball forward quickly. Grayson is still traditional in the sense that if it isn’t in your own half, the opposition can’t score. They’re effective in the way they play and try to be hard to beat. 

10. Who already looks to you to be a title contender, a relegation candidate, and a team that is a bit of a dark horse this season?

It’s hard to look away from the top two right now for title contenders, setting the pace early can be a boost for morale and managing the dip in form when it inevitably comes. I fancy Accrington as dark horses if they can get their strikers sorted out, with Dion Charles having his head turned. It’s hard to pick a relegation favourite given most you would have expected before the season have started well, except for Shrewsbury. 

11. Finally can we have your prediction for the game?

After the late draw with Sunderland, and Fleetwood’s ability to play up in the big games, I’ll back them. 1-2. 

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