Before we look at Saturday’s game and the man in the middle, I just want to mention that I spoke to Brett Huxtable on Tuesday night at Burton and I’m glad he took my advice and put in a much better performance. He wasn’t injured or anything like that, as you will recall we did wonder why he was making his seasonal debut so late, apparently, he had been on holiday and had to quarantine.

One thing I do question is I just cannot see the logic of Brett making a journey from Devon to ref Tuesday’s game, a round trip of nearly 500 miles, surely, they have someone closer.

Anyway, ours is not to reason why and we move along to Saturday where we have Robert Lewis in charge. Strangely Mr Lewis was supposed to be in charge for our fixture against AFC in January 2021 but was replaced by Ben Toner at the last minute. So, we have had to go back a little bit further in the record books to discover that ref Lewis oversaw our home game with the Posh in December 2020, in which we recorded a 1-1 draw. Cameron Jerome scored the equalising goal 12 minutes from time, and 4 Dons players were shown the yellow card.

Mr Lewis has reffed just 4 games so far this season, averaging 3 cards per game, and he hasn’t yet awarded any spot kicks. Last season he oversaw 30 games dishing out 85 yellow cards, 2 double yellow / red cards, 2 straight reds, and he awarded 5 penalties.

Mr Lewis will be assisted by Darren Wilding and Daniel Flynn on the flags with James Vallance in charge of the 4th Official duties.

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