We haven’t played Cheltenham Town for a while and I confess that we have probably lost touch a bit with what Cheltenham have been up to, so it will be nice to rock up to the Jonny Rocks Stadium again, but in the meantime Cheltenham fan 42-year-old Christian Kostiuk gives us a brief insight into what we can expect from this newly promoted side.

1. Are you happy with your transfer business and is there anything you would change

Up until last week when we sold our Captain and best player to a team 2 leagues below us, I would have said yes. (Ben Tozer to Wrexham) We kept a great squad together, and they earnt the right to keep their place in the team. Tozer is a huge loss though…

2. What’s your thoughts on your start to the season so far? 

Slightly disappointed in a sense that the away draws and even defeat to Fleetwood could have easily been wins if we managed the game differently.

3. It’s still very early in the season but which opposition team/player has impressed you the most so far? 

No particular player, but Wycombe don’t look like they are keen to stay in the 3rd tier. They were quite impressive.

4. How does it feel being back in grounds after so long away? 

I must confess I have not been back yet! I’ve got a bit too used to watching the games at home with a Beer, so need to get the urge again very soon!!

5. Do you have trust in your current manager?

Absolutely 100% he’s learnt his trade from 2 very disciplined managers in Sean Dyche and Steve Cotterill. He is destined to manage at a higher level, but hopefully not for a while yet.

6.  Who do you think we should be looking out for as a major influence on the game?

Callum Wright, on loan from Leicester. Alfie May is also due a decent game….

7. Which MK Dons player do you fear the most or see as a game changer?

I live in Swindon, so know a bit about Scotty Twine. When he is in the zone, he can influence games. When he’s not you will forget he’s on the pitch… Let’s see which version turns up on Saturday.

8. Have you ever been to Stadium MK, if so what’s your impression of it?

Not sure if i can say yes… I’ve sat in the Car Park when I was doing management training for my current role, in Milton Keynes!! The impression I got from there was that it was very nice. Looks impressive on TV too.

9. What style of football can we expect to see from your team?

We mix it up well. We can play lovely passing football, but also play it long when we need to. Losing Ben Tozer’s long throws is a huge loss, but Mike Duff usually has a plan B.

10. Who already looks to you to be a title contender, a relegation candidate, and a team that is a bit of a dark horse this season?

Title contender – Sheffield Wednesday.

Relegation candidate – Gillingham

Dark horse – Oxford United

11. Finally can we have your prediction for the game?

A 3-1 win for Cheltenham…Sorry!!!

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