Those of you with a nervous disposition should probably look away right now as its Charles Breakspear from Surrey who will oversee our Tuesday night home fixture against Charlton Athletic.

Breakspear features heavily on some football related social media accounts as someone that is not up to the job, and I thought that somewhere down the line he must have done the dirty on us, but no, I can’t find anything that should raise concerns, in fact we have won the last 5 games Ref Breakspear has taken charge, the latest being the 2-0 home win against Wigan Athletic last season, but can you remember who scored the goals (the answer is at the bottom of the page).

Digging a bit deeper I think I might have gotten to the bottom of this. The date was Saturday 30th of December 2017, we were at home to Peterborough United, and I’m sure it’s all coming back to you right now as you will recall Charlie boy red carded Anthony Kay for a last-ditch challenge after just 9 minutes, then Osman Sow for an alleged high challenge at 27 minutes. But it wasn’t all bad news as we know that Chuks Aneke fought a one-man war on the Posh defence and scored the only goal of the game, and in a recent poll on the Fans Facebook page, this game featured in many peoples most memorable Dons games of all time.

This season he has only reffed two games so far and he has already managed to send someone off.

Looking back to last season he oversaw 33 games booking 122 players, of which he converted 3 to a double yellow. He gave a straight red to just 3 players last season which leads us to think he might have mellowed a bit, and just completing the stats he awarded 16 penalties, which is just about 1 every two games, so he must be overdue to point at the spot.

Breakspear is assisted by Joe Stokes and Kev Howick on the flags, with Carl Brook performing the 4th Official duties.

The answer to the Wigan question is, Fraser from the spot after Sorinola was fouled, and Stephen Walker with his first start for the Dons and his first goal.

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