You will all know by now that the relaunch of the Fan Bar on Level 3 that is accessed at Gate 5 didn’t go as planned, far from it. Somehow or other there was a communication breakdown and stewards were telling fans the bar was either, closed, full, and they were not allowing more in, or it could be accessed from inside the stadium, all three of those being incorrect which meant only about 20 people managed to find their way upstairs.

It was extremely disappointing for the current MKDSA committee who had campaigned for the bar and were initially delighted when it was opened the week before lockdown and 750 people attended.

The club have acknowledged that there were many mistakes made at the pre-season friendly with Spurs and I am pleased to say they have agreed to work closely with the MKDSA to resolve these issues and we have already had one meeting with others planned.

The MKDSA have pledged to do all they can to make the bar a place for MK Dons fans to meet before the game and take in some of the pre-match atmosphere, a place we can call our own, to decorate how we want free from the rules and regulations of the hotel. To that end it was agreed that all monies raised from membership subscriptions would be sunk into the bar area to improve it and make it more fan friendly.

To further decorate the bar, we are asking fans to donate any memorabilia they can, shirts, scarfs, flags, banners, or anything Dons related we can put on show to make it feel like our home. To donate anything please email our Secretary at and we can arrange collection.

We of course acknowledge there is much work to be done, it is not an ideal environment, but when we haven’t had our own dedicated bar in 17 years, we had to start somewhere. It will improve we are sure of that, and we are trying to do as much as we can and as quickly as we can, but it takes time and money.

After its launch we identified many issues, and thanks to those that took the time to complete a questionnaire when we opened, your feedback has helped tremendously.

Our first step was to purchase a widescreen TV to improve the viewing of the early match, we know it needs more, and we hope to be able to buy more when funds allow.

We have today ordered 5 sofas for the bar area, with a commitment to buy 5 more when funds allow, and we hope to get those sofas delivered this month.

For us these improvements can’t come quickly enough, but we need the help of the fans to get some of these projects across the line and that is why we are asking you to join the MKDSA without delay.

The MKDSA membership today stands higher than it has for at least the last 5 years, but it is only in the hundreds when years ago it was in the thousands. For years the MKDSA subscriptions used to be £5 for an adult for a season and offered little in benefits, today it is just £2, less than half a pint, and for that you are included in a monthly members draw that gives away some superb prizes, including signed shirts, signed match balls and much more. We are also trying to secure a deal with the club that allows us to give away match tickets to away games, hopefully we can get that one over the line soon.

You can join the MKDSA online via the website, or you can join in person at the Sunderland game, we will be in the Fan Bar on Level 3, or at the MKDSA Fans Forum & AGM which is on Monday August 16th at 7pm in the Players’ Lounge, access is from the hotel entrance, If you have previously paid online, you can also collect your membership cards at both events.

We will also be selling memberships at games throughout the season but please be advised, that membership prices will increase the day after our AGM. Adult membership will rise to £3 for the season, with the other packages also increasing.

So, the final message is, please join the MKDSA, dig out those memorabilia items we would like to put on display in the bar, please support the new bar which will be showing the early kick offs and if you have the time, please come along to the MKDSA Fans Forum & AGM on August 16th, you never know, we could have a new manager on show.

To join the MKDSA click HERE

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