On behalf of the MKDSA Committee I would like to thank everyone that in some way contributed to the MKDSA Fans Forum on Monday night.

I must admit we were a bit nervous before we went live for our first ever online live Fans Forum, but I’m pleased to say once we got going it all  went as planned.

We were a little concerned a few days before as we only had a few questions, but the questions came flooding in and all in all it made for a very good evening.

I would like to thank Andy Cullen and Russell Martin who in particular fielded a lot of questions throughout the night, but we shouldn’t also forget Jacqui Cullen, Oona Carmichael, Andy Gibb, and Andy Wooldridge who also gave us some expert answers.

We were very pleased with the superb response we had on social media and a quick count up at the time of writing shows we have had over 5,500 views across all the platforms and its still rising, and its likely to go much higher when YouTube allows us download the broadcast.

Finally we would like to thank you for your comments throughout the night and  also for the messages of thanks and congratulations for a superb forum, and lastly thank you to those that answered our call to sign up to become MKDSA members.

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