Many thanks to 14-year-old Alfie Burr who has taken up the challenge to take part in the “Floor is Yours”. Some of you will be familiar with Alfie as he has written a couple of match reports for us when we have given Martin Atherton the weekend off, so many thanks to Alfie for helping out. You may also have seen Alfie at away games as he rarely misses a match and is very much a part of the Away Day Crew.

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When was your first game and what hooked you to continue coming?

I’ve been going since 2013, I cannot remember our first game, but we won so that probably kept me hooked.

What were your expectations for us pre-season, and have you changed your mind on what you have seen so far?

I’d say that seeing some of the signings we made during the summer, that I was expecting a little bit better than what we’ve done so far, but I still think that by the end of the season we’ll be fine.

Who has been your breakout player this season so far?

My breakout player would be David Kasumu. He’s been very solid in the games he’s played so far and is definitely making a name for himself in the squad.

Who has been the Dons best signing this season and why?

The best signing from the summer would have to be Scott Fraser. He’s changed multiple games and got us back into games. He is wonderfully comfortable on the ball and creates opportunities easily. He looks like an exceptionally good signing and god knows how we managed to sign him.

What is your most favourite Dons moment?

My all-time Dons moment would be against Yeovil at Stadium MK when we were promoted to the Championship and my second choice the Mansfield game a couple years ago. The Yeovil game was an unreal performance and was topped off by promotion. Scoring an early goal in the “Winner Takes All “ match against Mansfield in the last game of the season and managing to hold on to get us promoted back to League 1 was special…… Great scenes.

Who is your all-time favourite player and why?

It’s difficult to name an all-time favourite player. There’s been a fair few great players since I’ve been watching the Dons, but I will go with Dean Lewington. Obviously, the club captain and a very loyal player, who isn’t bad despite his age, an all-round great player for the Dons.

Who is a good tip for promotion and relegation?

For promotion, I would say Hull. They looked like a strong team against us the other week and definitely capable of winning the league or going up via the playoffs. For relegation, I think Wigan. When we played them there was no spirit at all and no effort from some of the players. Which isn’t going to help the club stay up and rebuild.

Where do you think MK Dons will finish up this season?

I’d say mid table to just before the playoffs as long as we start scoring.

Are you a MKDSA member? If yes, what do we do well and what would you like to see from us? If no what can we do to entice you to join?

I am an MKDSA member, and I’d like to see more things from other fans. Getting them to write about games or how they’re feeling about the team.

When we are back in the ground what improvements would you like to see to improve your experiences?

Compared to a lot of clubs we offer a decent experience and wouldn’t change anything.

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