Burton Albion proved a tough nut to crack, and for a while it looked like we might not get anyone despite exhausting all our usual channels of contact with opposition clubs. Thankfully though Tom is persistent in his endeavours and we are grateful to him and this week’s contributor Brewers fan Ed Walker.Many thanks to Ed, and in the spirit of football we wish you all the best and a very Happy Christmas. 

Can you give us an interesting fact about your club?

It might not be too much of surprise, but Burton Albion were one of the very first clubs Neil Warnock managed. He was here between 1981 and 1986 back when Burton were a Northern Premier League. He didn’t manage to win a promotion though, which is rather unlike him!

Who is likely to be your player to make a difference in our clash?

The key player without doubt will be Lucas Akins (pictured above), who’s approaching club legend status if he hasn’t got that already. Super versatile and super consistent, he’s the first name on the team sheet and normally the name people say if Burton are brought up in a conversation!

Who is your breakthrough player?

I’d look towards Joe Powell, a young attacking midfielder who was signed from West Ham United in January. There’s a lot of talk about how Burton will replace Scott Fraser, but Powell is just like him. Left-footed, plays in the same position, and does incredibly similar things. Really excited to watch him this season!

What sort of playing style will we see from your team?

Nigel Clough had a huge influence on Jake Buxton’s playing career, and on the basis of pre-season, it looks like Burton could be playing a similar way to what they already have been playing. Progressive up the pitch, wingers staying wide so that they can take on opponents, full backs getting up on the overlap and a desire to make use of possession when the team have it!

Where do you see your team finishing in the League this season?

Depending on who you ask, some might say staying up! I feel this squad is better than that but am not expecting to be in the hunt for the very top places yet.

Who are you most concerned about in the MK Dons team?

I’d argue Richard Keogh. On paper he looks someone still better than a League One level, though I’m not sure how much that injury will have affected him. Was going to say Rhys Healey as well before recent business happened, unfortunately for MK fans.

Where do you see the MK Dons finishing in the League this season?

Tricky to say, MK with recent results are capable of turning in a good result against a top team, and equally capable of losing to a lesser team.

Match Prediction?

For years, these clubs have been in separate divisions and its only last season that we first met! Liam Boyce was vital to Burton getting the league double over MK Dons last season, and he’s not here anymore so that will make things harder. Should be a good contest at Stadium MK.

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