Many thanks this week to Jamie Simpson aged 31, that’s him below.While we are on the subject of TRASH TALK, we feel once again we should point out this regular feature is 100% genuine. Tom and Jon contact Official Club feeds, Supporters Association’s, and Banter pages to try and get someone to come on for a quick chat. Largely the responses are good spirited in the name of sporting competition, and the only editing done is taking out the occasional expletive, and probably tiding it up a bit. None of the content is removed or do we change the context of what the contributor is saying.

Can we start off with an interesting fact about Northampton Town?Formed in 1897. We were also the first team to go from Division Four all the way up to Division One, then back down again to division Four in the 60’s! 

Who is your key player for the season?

For me it’s Nicky Adams. A wealth of experience but with that comes real quality. He’s fully committed, and he runs non-stop for the team. Without doubt, his quality on the ball is a real asset and he will be a key to us performing well this season.

Who could be the surprise star in your squad?

We’ve just signed a striker called Ricky Korboa from Carshalton. He’s highly rated in lower divisions so it will be interesting to see if we’ve found a gem that can shine in league football.

We’ve replaced our solid defender Charlie Goode with Cian Bolger. He was quickly named captain after signing so I am hoping and expecting that he will be a solid addition to the squad that can help lead us to some positive results.

How are The Cobblers likely to play?

Going by Curle’s style, you expect it to be quite direct. We however won the playoffs playing some creative attacking football, so hopefully he will be willing to adapt to this style more often when playing at home. The long ball game can work but it’s not the most exciting to watch, so we will wait and see and hope for attacking excitement.

What are your goals for the campaign?

Some will say I’m crazy, but I honestly believe we can reach the top half of the table if the players play with their hearts on their sleeves every game. All we want and ask for as fans is full commitment from the players. Chasing down every ball and showing a desire to win every ball, and then ultimately win games. If we lose but have shown huge passion, we can’t complain. It’s going to be tough as there are some big teams in league 1. Priority is staying up of course but by aiming higher, the belief can help you win more games. 

What do you see as MK Dons strengths?

MK Dons are a real bogey team for us, no matter what the league positions say! You’ve signed a fair few new players, and on paper they seem to have lots of strengths that can be dangerous. The infrastructure of the Dons is immense for a league 1 team and you have underperformed up to now, but I do see that changing in time, it sort of HAS to change. So, maybe this season the team will rebuild and become stronger. It only takes momentum and a few extra bodies to nick a promotion, look at us last season. 

What are your predictions for this fixture?

I’m going for 1 win and 1 defeat out of the 2 games. Probably a win for each club at home. 

Any other comments? 

Good luck and don’t beat us, that’s all I can ask, Up the Cobblers.

Editor – Thanks to Jamie for answering these questions and we of course sportingly wish him and the Cobblers all the best for the season.

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