AFCW moved into their new ground last season and didn’t see one paying customer through the door, and possibly it was a good thing as their home form was appalling. The 2021/22 season will welcome fans to a bright and shiny New Plough Lane that has all the feeling of a Meccano kit, as despite the artists impression of a spectacular mini dome built by Buckingham Construction (the same people that built our stadium), its is anything but with three sides of the ground consisting of temporary stands plonked in between a property development, now what was it they said about us and our stadium.

Apparently, we are supposed to be jealous of this 9,300-capacity ground, but we should say it boasts modern stadia type features, with much better disabled facilities.  

As I’m sure you are all aware the “Bubble” arrangements have been lifted finally allowing us unrestricted travel to NPL, but we recommend you use the club travel if possible, contact the Club Box Office to book a seat on the coach without delay.

If you are going to make your own way to NPL we recommend you take as many precautions as possible. If driving, park as far away as possible from the ground and remove or hide anything that relates to the MK Dons out of view.

Look out for the club’s advisory information which will be suggesting safe routes and Underground stations that have a police presence on and around them.

We also recommend if making your own way to the ground you keep your club colours hidden until in the ground and not draw attention to yourselves.

One final comment on this, the MKDSA and Dons Action have worked hard to lift the bubble for this game, please don’t do anything that would put these measures in jeopardy for future seasons

It is pointless us speculating on a decent away pub, the likelihood of us being made welcome by a pub within walking distance of the ground is highly unlikely.

We are though concerned at the various reports from away fans when visiting NPL, not because of the facilities but of the overzealous stewarding by a small but enthusiastic team of security people that like to act out their dressing up fantasy’s as SAS soldiers. We have seen reports of some of these SAS types inviting fans outside for a dust up, and even moving people on that are waiting to use the toilet. Just be aware, I’m sure they will need no encouragement when we arrive.

Enjoy the game and stay safe.

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