Good Morning Andy

Whilst we work hard at reinventing the MKDSA we will not take our eye off the ball with the day to day things that occasionally crop up.

I recently spoke to you regarding prospective candidates to the Dons Trust of AFC Wimbledon and the bile they were spouting regarding their intended approach towards us if elected.

It is an ever-growing concern to our fanbase as AFC continue to stick two fingers up to the Accord between the two clubs. I am sad to say that has accelerated this morning with the AFC Wimbledon website publication of an online poll asking opinions on whether they should be celebrating the history of Wimbledon FC, and several similar type questions that are clearly in violation of the Accord.

We understand in the past it has been the policy of our club to not kick up a fuss when they perform antics such as this, but this latest move surpasses anything that has gone on before, and we find it totally unacceptable, and we would like to enquire if our club once again decides to make any comment, as we believe this continued attitude by AFC Wimbledon under no circumstances can continue unchallenged.

I hope at the earliest opportunity you can inform the MKDSA and our fans what stance the club intends to take on this.

Please note I will be publishing this letter on the MKDSA website as I want our fans to know we are doing our utmost to address this situation.

Kind Regards

Colin Butler – MKDSA Chairman

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