Twenty Hours of Silence

To the Supporters and MK Dons FC

The MKDSA have contacted the club to ask why there has been no media activity since Mike Williamson’s post match interview.

In TWENTY hours we have no media output from the club and we find this highly unusual and also disappointing.

We accept that the club find itself in a position it does not want to be in after last night’s poor result and needs to regroup and move forward to Saturday.

We are hurting too. We had two trips to Crawley and we are coming to terms with the more difficult situation we find ourselves in having to overturn the three goal deficit.

It’s going to be tough, without doubt, it’s a mountain to climb.

You asked us to #BringTheNoiseMK. The various supporter groups have backed it along with its own initiative #DonYourWhite.

The Travel Team has put in hours of their free time to firstly arrange Crawley away, had our arrangements changed, and after having the game called off rearranged the return in under 4 hours on a Bank Holiday.

The supporter groups haven’t given up. The fan base haven’t given up. We’re here, where are you?

The coaches got back after the players did, many of us were back at work early this morning on very little sleep.

We call on you to do something sooner rather than later. Begin the build up to Saturday.

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