Travel Team: Crawley

To all supporters:

We were given the information about today’s game cancellation as the club Official Away Travel Providers, 40 minutes away from our destination, but unfortunately, we were unable to share it externally until the home team (Crawley) made the official announcement. We then cannot officially post anything until our home club makes an announcement. While this may not sit well with some, it is professional protocol.

We have put in a huge effort this afternoon (the travel team) and secured replacement coaches and honoured our tickets for those who travelled with us today. We will also refund travel tickets for those who cannot make the revised game tomorrow. This is outside of our normal terms and conditions, but ultimately, we are here to benefit our supporters.

We are in the fortunate position to offer additional travel seats, and these can be purchased at the link below:

Crawley revised game

This is what we do, and together, we are stronger.

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