24/25 Season Ticket Issues

Season ticket direct debits 24/25

We have been contacted by multiple members concerned that they have received notification that their direct debits have increased for next season despite the club announcing a price freeze.

We have been in contact with the club and received a prompt response.

The discrepancy of any direct debit could be one of the following…
* The new system allows tickets to be linked to enable supporters to have an easier ticket purchasing experience going forward. We have tried to link those that we know about in advance, but it is possible we have done so incorrectly for some supporters.
* We have no date of birth on record – which then causes the system to default to a full adult price.
* The supporter may have moved into the next age category.
* Supporters are enrolled in an Academy supporters draw that some may not want but have not notified us.
* Whilst we believe that we have adjusted the charge for Blue badge parking in line with the policy (i.e. a reduction in cost) it is possible that some have been incorrectly charged.
* Some supporters may have cancelled but haven’t informed the club.

The Box Office is on standby from Monday to assist supporters to provide information or to correct any errors.

If you think there may be an error with your direct debit for next season please email directdebit@mkdons.com

We will continue to work with the club and will provide further updates if any new information becomes available.

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