All Eyes Currently on Seventh Place

With last night’s win for Mansfield Town confirming they take the third automatic promotion spot (congratulations to them), our focus is now firmly on joining them Wrexham and Champions Stockport.

While it’s very disappointing to miss out I think we all know the disastrous September and October we had when we topped the league ultimately did for us.

Mike has pulled us to the brink of getting there, but alas, we face our nemesis the dreaded play-offs.

This time we look to achieve something we’ve failed to do before and at least reach the final.

As it currently stands with us in fourth we face one of the teams currently from 5th to 10th and with several of these sides playing each other in the final two games, simply nothing is certain.

Like you we’re keeping a close eye on things and we’re already in discussions with the club over ticketing and have our coach providers on standby for all eventualities.

Our hope is that we secure a 4th/5th place and face the away trip on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May, so a win on Saturday will go a long way to ensuring that aim.

Stay tuned for further details as they become clearer.

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