(Written on Wednesday)

Last night’s game was a controversial one. Denied a clear goal. Lewington’s sending off. Let’s be honest, he did what we were all thinking. Awful ref. But we move on to Newport.

The ref in charge for Saturday’s game is BEN ATKINSON. He became an EFL ref this season. He’s given out 103 yellow cards, 2 of them have turned into red cards, and he has given 4 straight red cards. He has also awarded 6 penalties. We still have not had one in the league.

He was our ref for our 0-0 draw to Newport on 11/11/23. He gave out 4 yellow cards that day. Payne and Norman received the yellows. For both sides, this will be his 2nd time being the ref for us.

The assistants are Jake Topp and Ryan Saward, and the Fourth Official is Andy Bennett.

Let’s hope this ref is better than the one yesterday.


Ryan Willshire

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