Kiosk and Club Red Updates

We were made aware recently of issues with accessing club red and with kiosk queues during half time.

As is our remit. We entered into a dialogue with the club, expressing our concerns but also offering solutions, proactively where we could.


The lengthy queues at half time were becoming a concern. Supporters were queuing all through half-time and were in cases still there waiting as the second half started.

Even before Christmas, we highlighted at one game as half-time time started, and the East Stand kiosk had just one server. We dealt with this live with the stadium manager and followed up with John Cove.

This situation has, however, become of late, more noticeable again, leading to more and more annoyed and frustrated supporters.

Today, we can happily report an MKDSA half-time review of the three open kiosks were that, while queues were lengthy at the three lower concourse kiosks, all were serviced by sufficient enough levels of staff that meant people queueing were being served quite rapidly. We will monitor this again at the next home and report back to you and the club.

Club Red

Club Red members pay for access to the Ballroom and prefunction Hotel area and complaints were being made that more and more supporters from other parts of the ground were gaining access without paying the supplement.

Due to the drop in matchday staff attributed to the club being relegated from League One, ticket checking had almost ceased.

The club had attempted to implement a ticket check/wristband system, but with inconsistent effectiveness and communication.

Most Club Red ticket holders access through the hotel entrance, but some still access through the concourse from other gates or from Lewington’s Bar. This gives them no wristband.

Today, we saw the reintroduction of ticket checking from the seated area into the prefunction area. Tickets or wristbands needed to be shown.

There was a small-scale trial of wristbands being issued in Lewington’s Bar. This was successful, so for the remainder of the season.

To obtain a wristband from the MKDSA shop in Lewington’s Bar, you will need to show a Club Red ticket. The aisle, row, and seat number will be logged.

We will review this and report back to the club.

We’d like to thank members who have reported these issues and hope they are satisfied with the results. We’d also like to thank Andy Standen and John Cove at the club for working with us to put things right and help make the matchday experience better.

The volunteers of the MKDSA work for our members and supporters. If you’d like to become a member or report an issue or concern, please visit or contact us by email at


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