Kick it Out

The MKDSA stands in solidarity with MK Dons FC and all clubs around the world in the campaign to Kick Racism Out of Football.

Racism has no place in society, yet alone in our beautiful game. The abhorrent abuse aimed at a Coventry City player yesterday along with that of an AC Milan player in Italy is not acceptable.

The Kick it out campaign was set up in 1993 to fight racism in football, which then later expanded to fight against all forms of discrimination. The movement has made huge strides in recent years and made positive change on and off the pitch. However, there are still a minority of individuals who think discrimination of players is acceptable.

The message is simple there is no room for Racism or any other form of discrimination in football.

If you’ve seen discrimination in football – online or at a grassroots, non-league, or professional game – don’t turn away. Report it to Kick it out so they can get the right people involved and support everyone affected.

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