Today We Could Witness History Made

Dean Lewington sits this morning level on the all-time EFL one club appearance record. As the sun rises it may not just be Swindon and Milton Keynes that looks with interest towards StadiumMK.

At 2 p.m., the side to face Colchester is announced, and we wait in eager anticipation if not knowledgeable expectations that more than likely Dean’s name is one, if not, the first, on the sheet.

Then, at a couple of minutes to three, we hopefully see him lead out the side will witness him securing top spot on his own as he overtakes John Trollopes’ 42 year old record by reaching 771 appearances.

If this does happen it will be with immense pride and joy that we watch the game, and for this writer, it’s slightly more important than the result, although a win and a Lewington goal would be unbelievable icing on a ginger cake.

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