Merry Christmas

The Committe on the MKDSA would like to wish all MK Dons fans, players and employees of the Dons a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Amanda Lansbury, Vicechair 

“Well, its now that time of year most of us will be starting to unwind, Relax and enjoy time with our friends and family at this festive time.  I just wanted to reflect back on the last 12 months that have been like a roller coaster for me as many of you who know me will be able to agree with this.  At the start of the year in January, I became the first female vice chair of the MKDSA and it truly is a privilege to take on such a role and support such a fantastic team of people who give their time and effort for free and who I have made great friends for life and everyone truly amazes me in everything they have achieved past present and future thank you all.

In March I also took over running of the MKDSA supporters shop and not a task to take lightly along with my son Kieran we have spent this year learning the trade of program selling and yes making errors along the way but I have pleasure in calling the shop a huge success at the same time opening up an ebay shop which again was a huge learning curve and yes again errors have been made but going into this blind folded I can honestly say this year has been full of emotions good and not so good.

I now want to thank all of our loyal supporters who have visited in person and online and thank each and everyone of you for supporting such a great cause and I look forward to seeing you over Xmas and the new year whether at home or away games and I genuinely think 2024 will be the best year ever.”

Ciaron Flanagan,Secretary    

“It has been an honour to serve on the committee for the final 3rd of 2023 and represent you our members in a number of projects. The success of our away travel has been one of the highlights of 2023 and I would like to wish all of our members and away travellers a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.”

Jeff Newall, Treasurer  

“Many thanks to everyone for supporting the MKDSA financially this year – through membership itself, the MKDSA Shop or Away Travel.  Thanks, too, to those who helped us spend money on items/events for members.  I look forward to more of the same next year.”

Jo Newall, Disability Liaison Officer

“Happy Christmas everyone from Burt & Ernie aka Jo & Jeff, MKDSAs favourite complainers of all matters accessible & inaccessible but particularly toilets!  For once we need not say more.”  

John Samuel, MKDSA Live  

“I’d like to wish our committee and all our members a very Merry Xmas and a Happy Hogmanay .

It’s been a very busy year for the SA and I’m pleased to continue to support our committee with all projects, including the Away Travel, MKDSA live show and to represent the MKDSA on the MK Dons Supporters Board.”

Arthur Harris, Committee Member  

“As the year 2023 comes to an end, time to say goodbye to our late friends
With a tear in our eye, we now say goodbye, and god bless .
With 2024 let’s hope we can score.
With Superman, D L is going to cause opposing teams hell.
He’s played in more games than anyone else.
From South London to the city of Milton Keynes .
Let’s all cheer and have beer. Our mk dons are still here .
With the help of the mkdsa, they are with us all the way.
With away matches near and far I’m sure our travel is better by far.
As we look ahead at the higher leagues.
We are sure MK Dons will be in their league .
So, with a cheer let’s all say a merry Christmas and a happy new year.”

Franco Volpe, Chair

“Really can’t thank the supporters enough for the support they’ve given what we’ve done. Membership continues to grow month on month our events have been well received and our shop in Lewington’s continues to do more and you keep buying.      This season, we listened to you ask us to take on the away travel, and with your support, we are making a success of it.”         

We hope you have a great Christmas with your families and friends and a very Happy New Year.

Hope to see you at games during 2024

Come on You Dons.

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