Movember Update

Amanda gives us an update on the progess being made by the intrepid walkers and abstainers ….

As we roll in to week 3, I am always stunned at the dedication of all of the committee members not only the time and effort that they put into keeping the MKDSA running smoothly but the extra work they do for other great charitable causes.

As well as having a busy family life I would firstly like to thank everyone who has made a donation thus far and continues to do so, a special mention goes to Jo and Jeff who donated yet another £37 into the pot a huge well done and remember the Movember campaign Is a fantastic cause to support.

Franco and Ciaron are closing in on their target of over 200,000 steps with Franco doing most of his walking in the dark and he’s not moaned that much!!

All of us on the MKDSA wish to thank you for continuing to support us not just through this cause but in everything we do, if you haven’t done already there is still 1 more week to go and any donations are appreciated as we all continue to keep up with our steps challenge.

If you are travelling to the game tomorrow and will be on the coach I will be collecting any loose change that you can afford to give thank you and see you all in Salford


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