Academy Showing in BSM Trophy

The Dons Academy was rather well represented in last night’s final group game at StadiumMK against Northampton Town.

We were all expecting changes but to have so many current and indeed former homegrown players featuring was a surprise for most of us.

You’ve read about the outstanding performances and seen the highlights for sure.

Our focus here is the faith and understanding running through the heart of the club at this time. Yes, the new coach was always going to include some of our prospects, but this runs deep.

There must have been a time when discussing the lineup that Mike Williamson and the first team coaching staff took advice from
Ben Smith (Academy Manager), Stephen Payne (Academy Head of Coaching), and John Bitting (Lead Professional Development Phase Coach).

This was a big leap of faith by our new coach and a big vote of confidence in the operation of the Academy.

It’s encouraging to see it working so well. Its got fans buzzing. Seeing the talent we’ve got coming through which such massive potential really bodes well. Yes, there’s a lot twists and turns before we see the majority battling for a first team start in the EFL but these are encouraging times.

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