Movember First Week Update

Movember update week 1

What a very busy week it’s been, considering we have two committee members soaking up the sun. One who is on a cruise having drinks poured over him and another sending us gorgeous pictures of his legs on a sun bed, which means I have now entered long term therapy, my eyes will never be the same!!!

Back home in sunny UK I have been cracking the whip like a woman on a mission and yes 7,500,steps may not be a lot to some. For the older members of the SA it’s proving a challenge our secretary and community engagement officer Ciaron was slacking in steps this week so no better way to spend a Sunday then sending him on a long walk round Willen Lake.

As for the sun seekers they have not been given any easier task as I still expect work to be done and steps to be counted, and yes I sound like a sergeant major but I’m just a tad jealous lol i really could be doing with a little extra sun!!!

Let’s also not forget our treasurer and disability officers Jo & Jeff AKA Bert & Ernie who’s challenge is to not drink anything other than water for the month of November, well I’ve been cracking down on them as well and to make sure they don’t cheat I had the pleasure of sitting with them at the Reading game and spent the whole game motivating them to keep up the good work! whilst informing them about the large glass of wine waiting for me at home.

While we continue our challenge for Movember, please head over to our link and give as much as you can afford it really does make a huge difference.

Thank you for your help.

Amanda (Sargent Lansbury)

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