20th Anniversary Party Night: Introducing Sound of The Crowd

For those that know the local music scene in MK we are blessed with some decent venues which has encouraged many to form bands and entertain.

One is Sound of the Crowd, a four piece band, of which at least 50% can be seen around StadiumMK on a matchday.

They played Brickstock in the Summer I can honestly say they’re good. But don’t take my view. Read there’s

Taken from wwwsoundofthecrowd.co.uk

Drawn together by a shared passion for fantastic music, and for playing fantastic music live, Mick, Blair, Justin and Roger came together through a mix of persistence, pandemics and polyphony. Together we made a pact that we would play the sort of songs that moved us, and that don’t normally get played, and we would do it all live and be as authentic as we could.

The late seventies and early eighties were a period of amazing creativity and innovation in electronic music, particularly in the UK, as artists from Sheffield, London, Liverpool and other places started making fantastic, exciting and exhilarating pop music, and the world sang and danced their pants off together as they did.

Each of the members of Sound of the Crowd have played in many bands of many flavours over the years, some of us have played in bands with some of the others, but this is the first time that we’ve all played together, and it’s been a delightful mix of satisfying and inspiring to find how well we’ve come together.


Monday 23rd October The Player’s Lounge StadiumMK 630pm to 1030pm

Free food, free parking, music, fun quiz and when the band aren’t playing we have selected a tune from each of the last 20 years to keep you entertained.

Let us know your coming on eventsmkdsa@gmail.com

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