Pressure Mounts As Dons Disappoint Again

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Football fans are used to tough times. We travel all over the country with hope that we’ll see our team win. We acknowledge and understand that nothing is guaranteed.

What we do have a right too, we believe, is to expect effort and application from players wearing our colours. We are used to seeing a certain style we call The MK Way.

We’d like to think that head coaches have not only a plan but a way to change, evolve, and develop the said plan.

Today, we gave away not one but two awful goals, and you simply cannot afford to do that. We did, however, manage to score for the first time in almost two and half games, but it was too little too late.

While it was a decent effort, the other twenty-six attempts to score hardly forced Turner in the Gills goal to worry. Even with four strikers (twice, as Dean replaced Dennis) we never looked joined up and on the same page as they played like four strangers almost in competition with each other.

In a week when a couple of league two managers were sacked, including the team above us prior to today with more wins and points who then beat us with a former Dons care-taker manager as the Gills care-taker.

No win in seven, dropping to 16th place, and Alexander looked under pressure in his post-match interview.

Does the Chairman twist or stick? What will cost more ? Replacing the head coach (and his team) or failing to secure promotion (the stated aim for the season) ?

The next three games are key. That would mean we are one-third of the way through the season.

If there’s no immediate improvement then we’ll have time to recruit (presuming our recruitment team are prepped to find an alternative) a new head coach who will have games to review the squad prior to the January window opens and half a season to get us back involved in the business end of the season.

The pressure mounts …

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