Ciaron Flanangan

All Time Low for Dismal Dons

Following on from recent disappointing results at home to Stockport and last week at Sutton, the words coming out of MK1 were of change and improvement.

Rome wasn’t built in 90 minutes, but anyone witnessing the appalling display today would agree we are miles off improving. Many would settle for just understanding what the plan was today.

In the 20 years, when did the supporters ever call for the manager to be sent off ? The Cowshed clearly let the club know their thoughts on the style of play and entertainment now being experienced during the game. The booing only at the end is over.

If we win, it becomes less important how it’s done, but not winning means style application and effort gets called into question. Those questioning are becoming more and more vocal. Unrest is evident in the stands.

No club deserves to win, and you can win when you don’t play well. Not winning and appearing not to know how to change things and start winning sort of says we’re in a spot of trouble. All runs eventually end, both good and bad. Bad runs lose jobs at some point.

We are just six points off the top, we sit in 10th. The expectation, the promise, was promotion. The reality looks currently further from this result game by game.

The players more than gave the ability to play and win, so why can’t they?

Let’s say it. The manager is losing or has lost the dressing room. The hoof doest suit the players we have.

What part of Eisa just can’t win a header when the ball comes down with snow on it? Do our coaches not know?

When we pass on the ground, we compete with every team. We get drawn into hoofing, and we struggle.

The dilemma for the chairman is whether he twists or sticks.

Walsall Tuesday…that’ll be interesting.

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