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Groundhopper had to get their A-Z (they don’t do Sat Navs) to find Sutton United for our first game to the VBS Stadium of Gander Green Lane fame. Quaint is the most suitable phrase we can use.

Sutton United
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First Impressions of the stadium, parking, ease of entry.5Journey down was your typical M25 trip, went well until the last mile to queue off the motorway. We had directions to follow and the drop point was in a pretty poor place for the locals, right by a busy railway bridge in a narrowish section of residential road.
Food & Drink, range, quality, price.4While the burger van crew we nice they were no Caz. The range here was limited to say the least, did the queue ever go down ? Beer choice was limited until superhero Craig fixed the Pale Ale tap for them then you had lager, cider or IPA
View from your seat, any poles in the way, obstructed view, seat broken?6We had seats or standing in the shiny mecanno stand behind one goal, close to the action. Quite tightly packed in the middle but with the low angle of the stand the view wasnt as good as it could have been.
Home team support, was it a library, good banter between the fans?5A small gang of youth to our right hardly made a sound, just before half time the wandered off to stand behind the goal at the other end, very non-league. Banter was not their thing.
What were the stewards like, helpful and friendly or jobsworths?6Frisking on the way in, easy scan of ticket and for most of the game the only steward visible was a decent chap then when a few others turned up in the second half it almost got silly as our youth played with them and they lost their sense of humour, #bantz
Toilet facilities, clean and well equipped with hot water, disgusting.5While clean it was a tad tight in the smaller of the toilet blocks, water was a scarce resource. Informed the disability toilet was a portaloo behind the stand, not good.
Ticket pricing, did the price reflect the facilities of the ground?6Standing was £21 for an adult for League Two. Facilities were very basic, lucky it was a decent day, no cover apart from the stand.
Ground facilities, half time service, did they let fans outside at halftime?7Half time was outside, they did reasonably well to serve quickly, they served even after the final whistle.
Match atmosphere, did the Dons fans give good support?7We performed better than the team, we were decent in the first half and had an equaliser to build false hope of a win. Very selected booing at the end. 691 Dons at the game.
Ease of exit, did the carpark clear quickly, traffic around the stadium?7The attendance was 3,288. Not sure what the Met did with our coaches, but once we got them we quickly loaded and left. Rickmansworth once again mocked our journey home, no diversion this time.
Any other observations or comments that may have affected your scoring?
Name – GroundhopperTotal Score out of 10058/100
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