The BOBcat Digital Big Match Report Sutton 1 MK Dons 1

The Dons disappoint against bottom side at Gander Green Lane.

Tuesday’s win is now, but a distant memory as one of the new MK Way replaces it with nothing but doubts and further questions.

You’d have thought in the warm-ups someone would have noticed they had some hulking great big players and decided to keep the ball on the floor but no ..we hoofed and it didn’t bloody work. AGAIN.

We also failed to realise that conceding corners and free-kicks wasn’t going to end well. The accuracy and consistency of Sutton’s corner taker belied they’re place at rock bottom of the table. Every ball was perfect height aimed at the line six yard box line. Eventually, one would be scored, and it was, just before half-time on the sixth attempt.

We kept hoofing for large periods of the second half, and almost the first time we played on the deck, Gilbey ended some slick passing with the equaliser.

While happy we came away with something from today, we have to evidence this with Sutton’s lowly position and the seven straight league defeats that proceed this draw.

We don’t mind hoofball if they win, but we haven’t done that since August 26th when Doncaster came to StadiumMK four league games ago.

I can’t tonight disagree with our tactics because I haven’t quite worked out what they even are . I’m presuming we did have a game plan?

Did the players have any idea what it was ?

Two subs in the 88th minute …not sure that was meant to be achieved there, to be honest.

691 of us many booed at the full-time whistle… not at most of the player’s mind, just a few but definitely at Alexander.

We sit in 10th, it’s far from panic button pressing time yet, but we really need to do better than this if we are to achieve the promotion we need.

Harrogate at home next Saturday.

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